Larissa Ezell and Kayla Wilby

Art Along the Rogue

The Grants Pass Art Along the Rogue festival is a street painting and music festival that has been going strong in the Northwest since 2003. Every year in October, we rush to complete 8×8 foot chalk drawings in 2 days before traffic returns to the streets.

First Year Tiger By Larissa Ezell

In 2006, at the age of 15, I was given my first 8’X8′ piece to complete. Together, with Raechelle Ezell and Mikayla Seals, we created a large, colorful Tiger that was featured on the front page of the Grants Pass Daily Courier.

Medicine and Zebras by Larissa Ezell

During the 2010 “Animals” themed festival we were honored to be chosen as the Featured Artist, where we completed a chalk mural inspired by Gustav Klimt’s “Hygeia: Medicine woman” that was over 12 ft long.

With Mikayla and Larry Seals, we have spent over a hundred hours on our hands and knees and have completed 8 chalk murals. Despite the raw fingertips, sunburnt necks, aching knees, and sheets of rain, the reward of supporting arts education for the community is well worth it!

Girls By Larissa Ezell

The Kiss 2012 By Larissa Ezell

Close Up "The Kiss" 2012 By Larissa Ezell

Special thanks to Rene Olmsted and Angie Wilby for the use of their photography.